AFAQ Al Najah
In pursuit of any organization’s long-term purposes and objectives

we provide the provision to management of objective advice and assistance


Our services range from offering end-to-end solutions to small, medium and niche firms

Business strategy

This involves long-range planning, the reorganisation of a company’s structure, rationalisation of services and products and a general business appraisal of the company.

Manufacturing and business services

This involves a review of the layout of a production department, production control arrangements, productivity and incentive schemes or quality control problems.

Financial and management controls

This can include the installation of budgetary control systems, profit planning or capital and revenue budgeting, office reorganisation and administrative arrangements.

Strategic Planning Services

Afaq Al Najah define the vision for the organization's mid-to long-term goals with a life span of three to five years goals, and establish a sequence in which these goals can be achieved.

Strategic Financial Services

Strategic Financial Services

Strategic financial planning is about creating profit for the business and ensuring an acceptable return on investment (ROI). Financial management is accomplished through business financial plans, setting up financial controls, and financial decision-making.

Human resources

Working as HR consultant involves advising on personnel policy, manpower planning, job enrichment, job evaluation and industrial relations.

Quality management

The setting of policy and strategy, this involves customer satisfaction, performance measurement, people management and processes.

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This involves market research and business forecasting, sales force training and the organisation of retail and wholesale outlets.

Training Services

Our training services enable employees to build core skills, master the technical aspects of their jobs (current or future ones), and keep up with the latest industry trends and technicalities through our training programs.

Media Business Services

Media Business Services

Since we're aware of the fact that competitive arena has significantly changed due to new entrants and products that are clearly a threat to the traditional media legacy. Therefore, in addition to different publication and media models we offer research, translation, and writing and managing content services. As we believe that each company must raise strategic questions to ensure that they do indeed have competitive and differentiating advantages in the media area. As a consultancy, we offer the most promising publication business models that shall offer a genuine and solid capacity to produce relevant content for an increasingly more profiled audience, and generate loyal engagement.


Environmental management

This includes urban and regional development planning, international economic research, cost benefit and social analysis studies and economic, ecological and sociological studies.

Information technology

An IT consultant’s work can involve defining information needs, the provision of software, systems analysis and design, computer feasibility studies, implementing computer applications and making computer hardware evaluations.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management

We at AFAQ Al Najah, identify options for the organisation and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions as we

Our assistance may include the identification of options with recommendations, the provision of an additional resource and/or the implementation of solutions.